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In general, minimum wage affects the labor market negatively. At some level, it will increase the unemployment rate. That may happen either through direct disemployment as employers struggle to meet the cost, or through the freezing or insufficient job creation growth as the labor force increase. Whatever it is, I believe the relationship between minimum […]

In any kind of policy debate, there are always two elementary opposing opinions at work. One side subscribes to the ability of the state to produce outcomes better than society can if society is left to itself. The other is not so sure of that and prefers to err on the side of caution, ever […]

In the short run when (nominal) prices are not so flexible, there will be a trade-off between (nominal) minimum wages and unemployment rate. The mechanics is simple. If businesses cannot change the price they charge their customers, they will optimize their cost. Since a person’s real wage theoretically equals the person’s marginal product of labor […]

The prime minister has said it so many times. His administration wants to turn Malaysia into a high-income country.  One of several initiatives that the administration believes can help in that direction is the introduction of minimum wage through the establishment of the National Wage Council. In promoting its supposedly market-friendly and market-driven policy, the […]

I am unsure how seriously I should entertain the current thought I am harboring. I am thinking of something that is absurd at the first pass but on second thought, it is not so. I meant to write this as a satire for The Malaysian Insider in a fashion that I have done earlier but given […]

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