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The story in Greece is a result of intertwining plots. One major plot concerns economic populism. It is a reminder that populist measures tend to ignore scarcity. It highlights that the policy of spend, spend and spend and then hoping someone else will take care of it, is risky. With a brick wall up ahead, […]

With over 200 pages, it will take some time to digest the so-called New Economic Model fully. I began by reading the speech delivered by the Prime Minister earlier today and I am only beginning to read the document proper just now. Given time constraint, I doubt I will able to able to go through […]

Bekas Presiden Bursa Saham Kuala Lumpur Salleh Majid menulis tentang dialog yang beliau hadiri di dalam Utusan Malaysia hari ini.[1] Beliau menyenaraikan pelbagai masalah yang dihadapi Malaysia, masalah yang diakui kewujudannya oleh kerajaan Barisan Nasional hanya selepas Pilihanraya Umum 2008. Masalah-masalah ini kemudiannya dijadikan sebagai alasan untuk mengaminkan campur tangan kerajaan di dalam ekonomi negara serta […]

I have nothing clever to say with respect to the controversy involving the usage of the term Allah by Christians in Malaysia (specifically, Catholic Christians I suppose) and objection raised by considerable number of Muslims there.[1] What I have to say is just some plain old consequences arising from my libertarian position. I think I have somewhat […]

[2135] Of GLCs are not quite part of the private sector

Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah recently made a speech that received a lot of attention. Early in it, he shared that the government is looking to increase the private sector’s contribution to the domestic economy. This particular point would have been exciting if it was not for three reasons. One, he is not the […]

CUEPACS, labor union for civil servants in Malaysia, given current environment of large fiscal deficit and economic uncertainty, has the audacity to demand for bonus.[1] The demand is not met, as evident by absence of such bonus in the proposed federal government budget tabled nearly two weeks ago. Today, the Prime Minister rightly admonished — […]

As a libertarian that I am, I can only sigh after reading the 2010 federal budget speech delivered by the Finance Minister. I begin from a point deep in the realm of skepticism. I never actually believe any government in Malaysia — now or in the near future, neither Barisan Nasional nor Pakatan Rakyat — […]

Skepticism comes naturally with broken promises. Due to disillusionment among far too many individuals under the previous administration, the words of a Barisan Nasional-led administration are close to worthless nowadays. It is, therefore, not hard to prove that the window for sloganeering for the new Prime Minister is extremely narrow. What really matters now is […]

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