[2614] The 900th win

Michigan 12, Michigan State 10. That means the winningest college football team clinched its… our… 900th win.

[2092] Of oh damn you Michigan

I cannot sit calmly on my chair watching this game. The whole game was a disaster. State ran over Michigan with an impunity belonging to last season. For an extended time, rushing yard for Michigan was negative. Negative! By the fourth quarter, Michigan was behind 14 points and it seemed hopeless, until Forcier and everybody […]

Honestly, after the devastation of last season, I was expecting the worst for Michigan football. Even when Michigan was up against Western Michigan last week, I was very quiet about it, ever so mindful the shaming Appalachian State gave my alma mater in 2007 and a series of losses against unremarkable teams. For a game […]