[2614] The 900th win

Michigan 12, Michigan State 10. That means the winningest college football team clinched its… our… 900th win.

[2594] It’s Saturday football!

Four more days!

I am having a pang of longing for Michigan for reasons I do not know. This song is named The Hymn, sang by the Men’s Glee Club at the University.

Need I say more?

There was an overwhelming Michigan confidence entering the Ohio State game at home. Coach Brady Hoke did not need even a season to turn a flagging Michigan team, in contrast to the disastrous era of Coach Rich Rodriguez. Under Rich Rod, every Michigan fan told themselves it was a turnaround season and so we should […]

[2426] This is Michigan

Brady Hoke said, “This is Michigan, for God’s sake.”

[2424] We’re Michigan

You know it is football season all over again. With Brady Hoke at the helm, I dare say it is morning again in America.

Let’s Go Blue!

[2268] Of dear Coach Rod…

…time’s up. Please resign and save us all the agony of a protracted conflict. You and Michigan are just not made for each other. Michigan needs to move on while you need to go to Hell.

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