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This is the kind of use of statistics that I absolutely abhor. In the 1990 general elections, PAS’ support base stood at 375,867 votes. Last year, it reached 1.14 million, an almost threefold increase in 18 years. The huge increase in PAS’ support in last year’s general elections came mainly from its new supporters — […]

Why I ask? FOR a long time Barisan Nasional’s communal approach has been translated into policies that have guided the nation’s governance and economic management. As a result, we are now laden with a hotchpotch of economic policies which are obviously in conflict. We have in existence an old system from a socialist ideology of […]

Something to amuse your day with. KUALA LUMPUR: MCA has come out with a book to expose conmen who use religion as a tool of deception. MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong gave away the book to reporters at a press conference yesterday. The book, in both English and Chinese, contained […]

What seems to be ancient history now, there was a time when DAP and PAS as well as PKR chanced sitting together amicably to face a general election. With an ambition to setup an Islamic state, PAS became the bane of DAP. BN played their cards well by employing guilt by association fallacy and DAP […]

Within Malaysian politics, I do think economic philosophies have taken a back seat to the point that typical left-right classification of political parties is meaningless. Nevertheless, I would like to classify Barisan Nasional, DAP, Keadilan and PAS accordingly. I will leave the others alone since I do not think the rest are worth talking about […]

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