When Najib Razak first became the prime minister, he introduced us to his transformation programs in 2010. It was the Government and the Economic Transformation Programs, easier called the GTP and the ETP if anybody cares to remember anymore. On the eve of the 2011 Malaysia Day, the prime minister announced another one and called […]

The last general election does change a lot of things. From an unrecognized date, September 16 has been a public holiday for the past 2 years. While I am happy that the Day is finally┬ábeing recognized, I find that the idea of Malaysia Day in the mind of the federal government and what I call […]

[2082] Of Malaysia Day #47

Have a great Malaysia Day. [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

[1778] Of Malaysia Day, 2008

Last year was a depressing year. This year, it is slightly better.

[1371] Of 45th Malaysia Day

September 16 2007 is the 45th Malaysia Day, marking the 44th year of the Malaysian federation. And no. There is no mistake.

That 16 days have passed. Don’t forget your history, lest somebody will rewrite it. Happy birthday Malaysia. (tag)