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[1766] Of a lonely flag

On my way home from the Freedom Film Fest 2008.

The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has allegedly struck a deal with Malaysia over Sabah, and that’s why the rebel group is silent on the claim issue, a high-ranking Palace official said. This is supposedly the reason why the MILF wants Malaysia to remain as the head of the international monitoring team overseeing the ceasefire […]

The field hockey match between South Korea and Malaysia ended very frustratingly for me. South Korea won 3-2 but the frustration is not about the loss per se but rather, the way Malaysia ended up on the wrong end of the gun. I only managed to catch the second half of the match and I […]

[1463] Of Malaysia is a democracy

Recent events had provoked outrage amid those that sympathized with the idea of individual liberty. With a stake of woods burning, BN-led government threw fuel into the fire, allowing it to burn more brightly than before. One of the more angering statements, to me personally, was made by a minister that had the cheek to […]

When I saw this…: KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia: Carbon emissions in Malaysia have increased by 221 percent since 1990, the highest growth rate among the world’s top polluters, the United Nations said Thursday, as it urged the government to control climate-changing gases more vigorously. Malaysia, which has rapidly transformed from an agricultural economy to an industrialized […]

I was surprised to find out that the people of the Philippines once contemplated to name their state as Malaysia. Filipino politicians who dreamt of creating a Pan-Malay nation also considered adopting the name Malaysia, which had referred to the overall Malay archipelago before becoming the name of the newly independent Malaysian nation in 1963.5 […]

Previously, talks on the street had it that Wal-Mart was interested in acquiring stakes in Makro. It did not happen and instead, it was TESCO that absorbed Makro. A year after that, news of Wal-Mart coming to Malaysia resurfaces. Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal said yesterday that US-based Wal-Mart Stores […]

There was a period in my life, when I was younger, I admired the unreachable diamonds in the sky. At one time when I was older, I gazed into the clear night sky and witnessed the celestial heaven in all of its majesty from within the Grand Canyon of Tuolumne, under the clear Californian night […]

Indonesia has so many problems on its back but yet, the one it wishes to pursue is a meaningless allegation that Malaysia has stolen the folk song of Rasa Sayang from Indonesia, if that is possible at all. It would be like the Brits accusing the US of stealing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star from the […]

I seriously think Stiglitz is a big fan of Malaysia. His latest column at the Guardian has nothing less than high praises for the country (hat tip to the Economist’s View): August 31 marked the 50th anniversary of Malaysia’s Merdeka: independence after more than 400 years of colonialism. Malaysia’s peaceful, non-violent struggle may not have […]

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