I have two related conversations to share. The first happened in a cab in Sydney and the other happened over lunch in Jakarta. Combined, the conversations are possibly a testament of the future importance of the Malay language. The first conservation was not really a conversation. The cab driver, who was probably in his 40s […]

I have clarified my position regarding the usage of the term Allah by Catholic group and by extension, any term by anybody. This reasoning forms the basis of my position not to oppose Catholic group’s use of the term. Indeed, I consider this line of reasoning as not only the most convincing for me, consistent […]

The Malay language has undergone multiple changes throughout its life. As the language evolves, it enhances intergenerational difference. Different generation would subscribe to their version of the language, if they do not particularly follow development in the language closely. Zaid Ibrahim is an example of a person who still uses an outdated spelling of Malay. […]