I suppose there are times when there is a piece of news that the mainstream media rather not report, but it has to because it is still a news organization and the readers do want to know. If the news organization wants to keep its readers loyal, the readers have to be served lest they […]

[2459] Did you spot something?

If you were the editor, what would you do? PETALING JAYA: Total vehicle sales in October 2011 rose slightly by 3% to 53,654 units from 52,297 units a year earlier, boosted by the fact that it was a longer working month (versus September) and the return in consumers’ buying interest. [Eugene Mahalingam. Vehicle sales up. The […]

Pewaris, widely reported as the foremost pro-Internal Security Act  group as the Act comes under heavy opposition on August 1, the date when massive protest is expected to take place in Kuala Lumpur. The ISA is a controversial piece of legislation that allows detention with trial. Expressing support for the Act, even when the Act is abhorrent to the concept of […]

Freedom of expression is not freedom from criticism. Yet, too many people confuse it and equate freedom of expression to freedom from criticism. Here is an example of such misunderstanding: Journalists in Malaysia often stay away from criticising the writings of another journalist, be it in another publication or an online portal. It’s an unwritten […]