When I think of the terms “coup d’tat”, “overthrow”, “topple” and the like, I would think of a violent change in government. The revolutions in Egypt and Ukraine would come to my mind. Closer to home, having tanks rolling through the streets of Bangkok is another excellent example. In contrast, when I think of the […]

I have two related conversations to share. The first happened in a cab in Sydney and the other happened over lunch in Jakarta. Combined, the conversations are possibly a testament of the future importance of the Malay language. The first conservation was not really a conversation. The cab driver, who was probably in his 40s […]

And so, after six years of going through the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English (in Malay, Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam bahasa Inggeris; PPSMI) in all primary and secondary public schools, it will come to an end in 2012.[1] As I have expressed earlier, I am of two minds […]

This debate on language is so annoying. So, let us resolve it once and for all. All science and mathematics courses in Malaysia should be taught in Jawi. Let us just screw everybody in the name of nationalism! If Japan could do it without English and the Latin alphabet, we can too! Yes, we can!

I am guilty. I am guilty of grinning when I found out that the Malaysian education system is maintaining English as the medium of instruction for science and mathematics in the primary and secondary levels.[1] I am guilty because despite preferring for the courses to be taught in the language best comprehended by the students, […]

The Malaysian Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin declares that the new (or old; flip-flopping that is common under the Badawi regime makes the old-new dichotomy useless) Malaysian national language is the Malaysian language. KUALA LUMPUR: Bahasa Malaysia will again be the official term to be used to refer to the national language. In a unanimous decision […]