The gig economy can be many things but within the realm of ridesharing, I see it primarily as a shock absorber in the labor market. That means ridesharing is a temporary fall back plan if you have trouble in the formal market or in between jobs. Here is an example of ridesharing as a shock […]

As I have written last week, Malaysia’s 6.4% real GDP growth from a year ago in the fourth quarter of the year hides actual relative weakness in the economy. Consumption growth, investment growth and government expenditure growth slowed. Trade contracted. What contributed to faster overall growth was that both exports and imports decreased in a […]

Sitting outside of a library trying to finish up my sandwich under a bright sunny sky, I smirked. Two reasons. One — less important than number two and not quite the reason why I am posting this up — is an action that reminds me of fiscal stimulus mentality. At the university, which is a […]

Do not resort to protectionism they say! KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 20 (Bernama) — Malaysia has cautioned World Trade Organization (WTO) members not to resort to protectionist measures as it can adversely impact the growth of global trade. In making the call, Malaysia said countries should continue to adhere to their commitments to WTO when introducing […]

In the Parliament, a Member of Parliament was concerned with the outflow of money due to foreign workers sending part of their wages back home. Finance Minister Najib Razak, in answering the MP, gave a piece of statistics which highlights the benefit of foreign workers. PARLIAMENT, Oct 22 – Malaysia’s 2.1 million foreign workers repatriated […]