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[1887] Of move over

In Malaysia, traffic regulations are meant to be broken.

[1852] Of Bangsar and Travers

This view will be one of several things that I will miss about my current employment. The view from this particular office is impressive. I could see the city skyline from here. As well as Bangsar and Damansara. Oh, this is where Travers joins Bangsar. This particular area is experiencing gentrification and it will not […]

This one was taken during the Vesak Day procession. If you did not know already, The Malaysian Insider also published a set of photographs which I shot on the same day. Anyway… Other photos of the old station are available at post [770], [771], [1259] and [1265].

What was a planned hit and run became an escort mission today on Vesak Day. I dropped by the famed Buddhist Mahavihara temple at Brickfields today and wow, opportunities for great shots were abound. I just could not get enough and I ended up with 1.45GB worth of shots within the span of 6 hours. […]

Yes, this is a filler. Sometimes, I am surprised to see how this kind of arrangement is still aplenty in Kuala Lumpur. The vendor conducted his business within the long corridor of a typical tropical colonial shophouse row in this part of the world. Not much separated the vendor from the street: only a pavement […]

Wow. Monday blue took a deeper dip than usual after a long holiday and I am starting to miss my weekend already. My mind seems stuck at the performance on last Friday evening. And no, that is not a balloon. In Walloon maybe but you are not a loon. What the hell am I writing, […]

After making a resolution, I spent my Friday night enjoying a public performance: They troupe did a good job at entertaining the crowd. More of this kind of performance should be organized! Shooting fast paced subjects under low lighting is a real challenge. I cannot remember how many times I adjusted the settings of my […]

[1433] Of where is the sky?

Off Jalan Ampang: Lately, facade like that is observable around KL. Do compare the prominent facade with another not too far away from this spot. And the buildings seem to stand closely together, shooing the sky away. As more buildings race to the sky, it will take effort to spot a blue ceiling up above. […]

Many are impressed at how buildings are sprouting in Chinese as well as certain Arabic cities. The trend is not alien to Kuala Lumpur at the moment, though the pace is probably less than stellar. The new buildings in the city are marvelously modern and clean in design. The one besides The Ascott is a […]

I am trying to finish up a book. So that promise on the Asian Financial Crisis has to be postponed. So too with the Endau Rompin and Bangkok trips. In the meantime, another photo. This is somewhere within the compound of the old railway station, close to the general post office. Okay. Let me finish […]

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