I am not a stylish person and my sensibility gets offended if I have to pay more than RM10 for a haircut. And so I typically go to an old barbershop within the Kampung Datuk Keramat wet market for a simple one for just six. It is a quaint little utilitarian establishment with no pictures […]

Life in Kuala Lumpur in the past few weeks has been a constant reminder of our flawed democracy. If you are in the city, look all around you. You will see banners and posters of political parties almost everywhere. Superficially, the colorful show of political flags is a sign of democracy. Now, look closer at […]

Felda has a new building in downtown Kuala Lumpur. It is a pretty slick building. Whatever that says about the construction industry, I do not think it says anything too good enough private sector-led economy. Unscientific yes but the skyline of Kuala Lumpur says a lot about how supposedly private sector-led economy Malaysia is, given […]

I do love trees. There is something comforting about trees, especially when I am surrounded by tall buildings most of the times. In the tropical Kuala Lumpur, it also has a cooling effect. That makes the city every bit more livable, never mind the aesthetic value it offers. Imagine large rain trees with the sound […]

Apart from the two buildings on the sides, I like the photo. I wanted to crop the photo to get rid of the two buildings on the sides but I like the ratio and I want the base to be included. So…

I have been to a number of cities with superb rail networks before but I hardly took any notice of them. I simply took the convenience that came along with┬áthem for granted. I have come to conclude that any good big city will always have a good rail network servicing the city and its suburbs. […]

Minister for the Federal Territories “is peeved” that local traders and hawkers in Kuala Lumpur are subletting their licences to foreigners. He prefers the licence owners to run their business to them renting it out to foreigners.[1] That is a value judgment and based on his preference, there is a problem. I also see this […]

KULA LUMPUR: Three sites in the city have been identified for the development of iconic structures to spur growth in the economy. Sources say they are Dataran Perdana in Jalan Davis, the area surrounding Stadium Merdeka and the vicinity of the Matrade Centre in Jalan Duta. All the plots of land are privately owned. Two […]

This should really go to Metblogs KL but I just want to have a post to keep visitors happy. This is where Jalan Sultan Ismail and Bukit Bintang meet.

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