I woke up to terrible news on Thursday. Lying on a bed and bracing myself for the work morning, I reached for my phone trying to stay in bed longer. I glanced through my phone to see if there was anything urgent. There was none and I felt relieved. My eyes then were focused on […]

There are so many words to be penned and typed yet, time ticked too fast. I am drained and wished nothing else at the moment except for placing my head on my trusted pillow on my bed and read the books which I should have finished last year, that would have been banned if our […]

In The Star yesterday, Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz seemed to suggest that popularity has greater importance than individual rights: Replying to Karpal Singh’s (DAP — Bukit Gelugor) query on why a decision had yet to be reached in the Lina Joy case, Nazri said: “The decision is difficult to make as it is very sensitive […]