I am one of many that expected Anwar Ibrahim to be found guilty. I expected so not because I believe he is guilty, but just because I distrust the Malaysian justice system. And when the judge ruled in favor of Anwar, I found myself pleasantly surprised. I am glad for the ruling for two reasons. […]

You and I can sit at a cafe and argue whether former US President George Bush and former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair are guilty of war crimes. We can pass our verdict but we must be out of our minds to think that the verdict is as legitimate as that of a proper court […]

So okay. Right after I had my first real outing my new best friend, the Nikon D40, I gave an Institute for Policy Research-organized (Institut Kajian Dasar; IKD) forum a visit. I do not think I would like to write too much about it since one of the panels talked about what I wanted to […]

Utusan hari ini menyentuh tentang rakaman video yang didedahkan oleh Parti Keadilan Rakyat beberapa hari lalu. Di dalam laporan itu: PUTRAJAYA 21 Sept. — Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berkata, polis perlu menyiasat segera dakwaan kewujudan klip video yang menunjukkan seorang peguam kanan sedang bercakap dengan seseorang berhubung pelantikan hakim-hakim di negara ini. […]