Who does not love big dividends that could be gained through low-risk instruments? For many Malaysians capable of saving, either voluntarily or otherwise, low-risk investment with high returns of 5%-8% yearly or even more for some, is something that has been taken for granted. This is thanks to years of expectation settings made by a […]

Here is something I have taken for granted before, taken from the latest Malaysian national accounts (GFCF is investment).

Some parts of the economy enjoy stable growth rates in normal times. Consumption and government spending are two of the GDP components which grow in a stable manner, unless there is a recession. As much as ridiculous as it may sound (yeah, that is the libertarian in me speaking out), the government does plan its […]

There are Harold and Kumar, after Harrod and Domar, a high rate of development, after a great pot investment.

PEMANDU claims “confidence from the ETP saw private investment hit RM94 billion and RM131 billion worth of GNI generated in 2011.” A bold claim. Let us see the trend of private investment in the last 11 years. Do you see anything special about 2010 and 2011? What I see is only a reversion to mean. […]

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