I do have strong policy preference, and that preference originates from my ideological leanings. But the preference only sets the default position, or more accurately, the initial stance. I am willing to be swayed by data and models but then again, over the years, I have learned data and models can be bent so much […]

Given the nonsense going on with respect to NGOs and foreign funding, I am glad IDEAS has come up with something: Press Statement on foreign funding for Malaysian entities Barisan Nasional MPs should not be so paranoid about the incoming of foreign funds to support NGOs in Malaysia. After all, Barisan Nasional parties also receive American support, […]

Last Monday, the Sun published a report on food stamp. They interviewed me for that report. The authors of the report quoted me as “a member of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS) and is responsible for its economic studies arm.”[1] While I spoke to one of the authors on behalf of IDEAS, I […]

I just had a conversation with Delphine Alles, a PhD student at Sciences Po today. She is researching about libertarianism in Southeast Asia. I thought it was an interesting conversation because it forced me to straighten up my own thoughts on the history of libertarian movement in Malaysia. One question: how did it happen? How did […]