There is a very good article published in the Malay Mail over the weekend.[1] It is about the brisk sales of high-end cars like BMW and Mercedes in Malaysia while entry-level, compact cars like Perodua are doing badly, and the consumption pattern in the economy by income levels. [The divergence car sales by prices are part of […]

With only about 200 pages , finishing The Colour of Inequality was easy. Written by Muhammad Abdul Khalid, the book is priced at MYR40, which is much more affordable and easier to read than the thick Capital in the 21st Century by Thomas Piketty. Just for the fun of it, I calculated that the Gini […]

Wealth inequality does worry a lot of people. Malaysia’s Gini coefficient has been bandied around as a proof that something must be done to address the inequality that we see in the country. ”We are the 99%” is the favorite rhetoric to pound in the message that wealth inequality is a problem. Yet not all […]

Since coming to power 14 years ago, Mr. Chávez has manufactured dependency on a scale unseen elsewhere in the post-Soviet world. He has nationalized farms, steel mills, cement factories, telecoms and the assets of foreign oil companies. His government subsidizes everything from oil to milk. Government spending, much of it on cheap housing, has risen […]

Wealth inequality can be worrying. That does not mean all wealth inequalities are worrying. The concern for inequality in this sense is overblown. Up the Gini coefficient and the trumpet is blown to sound the alarm without accounting for its context. One out of a few ways wealth inequality can be worrying is when a small fraction […]

The issue of wealth redistribution and inequality in wealth can be overly stressed by many in Malaysia. Up goes the Gini coefficient for Malaysia and there goes the alarmists. These alarmists, wealth egalitarians do not quite understand that it is poverty that matters, not wealth inequality. Individuals are different and different persons follow different paths […]

I am willing to admit that extreme wealth inequality might be undesirable in building a stable society. Extreme inequality could create unnecessary tension in a society that could in turn bring about disregard for property rights. In spite of that, I am unconcerned with the current state of wealth inequality in Malaysia. Regardless of my […]