I have been slacking off a little bit. My models have not been updated as frequently as it should. Reason is, one fine March day, something wiped the models out. Electrons arranged neatly disintegrated into disorder, destroying the microfoundations (heh!) of my models. I have backup files, but updating them is a tedious exercise. So, my projections, especially […]

Export and import numbers for December 2012 do not look good. Export contracted by 5.8% while imports decreased by 6.5% from a year ago. Despite the bad numbers, industrial production index grew by 3.7% from a year ago. I find this curious. Import contracted and that means the domestic economy might have slowed down. Exports […]

The Department of Statistics releases the Industrial Production Index today: Sectors Index October 2009 % Changes Year-on-Year % Changes Month-on-Month IPI 106.5 0.7 5.7 Mining index 96.4 -2.7 2.3 Manufacturing index 109.9 1.0 7.0 Electricity index 123.1 13.4 7.7 The important column is the year-on-year one. The Industrial Production Index (IPI) in October 2009 posted […]

[2078] Of a good sign?

I should really be at University Library right now but I just could not resist blogging about this. The latest Industrial Production Index produced by the Department of Statistics has it that electricity output increased and more importantly, it increased based on year-on-year basis in July 2009. This means, electricity output has been increasing on […]

An article by Bernama highlights that the Malaysian industrial production index falls 0.2%: KUALA LUMPUR, April 9 (Bernama) — The Industrial Production Index (IPI) for February 2007 fell 0.2 per cent to 123.0 compared with 123.2 in February last year. [February Industrial Production Index Down 0.2 Pct. Bernama. April 9 2007] While true, the magnitude […]