Some opposition politicians and supporters are prone to exaggerate when it comes to economic matters. Malaysia is bankrupt, there is no income growth, etc. Those exaggerations make it easy for the Barisan Nasional government to disprove those allegations. But in its eagerness to do so, the government oftentimes denies that any problem even exists. This […]

Race politics dominates Malaysia and our deplorable politics have us Malaysians as Bumiputras, Chinese, Indians and others. At the center of it all is Malay politics.¬†Yet, public statistics on Malay welfare are imprecise. This is true for household income and expenditure surveys conducted and published by the Department of Statistics. The surveys are the most […]

The Department of Statistics has just released the 2014 Household Income Survey. I feel the survey is more comprehensive than the last one, although there are still a few improvements I would like to see made. Anyway, with the release, I thought I should update an old chart I drew some time back. Here is […]

I just felt a need to update my old post on household income distribution I put up back in 2012. Here are the distributions (the categories are based on households’ monthly income. A household is roughly defined as a family of four, with two working adults): You could see some improvement from 2009 to 2012, […]

Below is the income distribution of Malaysian household as published by the Department of Statistics in its 2009 Household Income Survey. Income is measured in ringgit Malaysia per month. The red bar more or less describes the median Malaysian household in terms of income.