In the news recently, the state of Johor plans to raise the floor price at which foreigners are allowed to purchase a house. The floor is now set at half a million ringgit. The proposed new floor is RM1 million (The news report in The Star wrote ceiling but if you know your microeconomics, you […]

It is not a crime to dream of a place to call one’s own. It is hard to beat having a roof none can take away in the worst of times. If anything happens, at least there is a home to run to. It is a comforting feeling to have a haven. That is the […]

A finding that might affect housing policies (via): Andrew Oswald, an economist at the University of Warwick, found that homeownership makes workers less mobile, which brakes economic growth and worsens unemployment, especially in areas blighted by the decline of locally dominant industries. Strictly speaking, whether this is a social problem is debatable. The costs of […]