Some opposition politicians and supporters are prone to exaggerate when it comes to economic matters. Malaysia is bankrupt, there is no income growth, etc. Those exaggerations make it easy for the Barisan Nasional government to disprove those allegations. But in its eagerness to do so, the government oftentimes denies that any problem even exists. This […]

I painfully wrote a piece on why liberty is the end of the state to further explore another related idea that I had shared earlier. Specifically, the earlier material would affect my perception on the state. Despite that, I did not say how it would affect my view of the state. This entry explains how […]

Some weeks ago, I settled with the idea that liberty is a mean to an end. This is a contrarian position vis-à-vis mainstream libertarianism. Further, I accept that the end is happiness whereas happiness is defined as the fulfillment of wants and needs. Despite coming up with the rationale, I am rather uncomfortable with the […]