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I am in the opinion that the expected sovereign debt and banking crises in Europe have been postponed to the end of 2012 or early 2013. There are two reasons why I think so. The crisis in Europe is essentially two-fold. One is due to government debts. Two is the risk of default by European […]

If I were a European taxpayer seeing my money being used to bailout a near-bankrupt socialist government due to outrageous spending while I live responsibly, I would be angry. Why should I be the guarantor of a profligate? But if I wanted the Eurozone to stay intact, I would bite the bullet and angrily pay […]

I was reading the Bloomberg Brief just now and I saw this graph. If your favorite answer is unavailable as an option above, do share in the comment section.

The story in Greece is a result of intertwining plots. One major plot concerns economic populism. It is a reminder that populist measures tend to ignore scarcity. It highlights that the policy of spend, spend and spend and then hoping someone else will take care of it, is risky. With a brick wall up ahead, […]

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