[2724] Anzac Bridge, Sydney

I was going through old photos today and I found this: the Anzac Bridge. I used to go to this spot quite often, because I lived nearby. I have lived in several places in this world and I think it is hard to beat Glebe in Sydney. I would wake up every day and every […]

[2277] Of Glebe Street Fair

I love street fairs. Ann Arbor has the Street Art Festival and the Top of the Park, as part of its annual summer festival. It makes the small town livelier and it makes the sweltering summer easier to live through. Too bad I do not have too many photos of my Ann Arbor days. The […]

[2274] Of Galluzzo’s, Glebe

A cafe along Glebe Point Road needs not worry about any break ins. At night, something guards it…

A chocolate place in Glebe, Sydney on a Sunday morning.

[2195] Of more of Glebe

I have been busy. The only thing I can afford to spend on is to post a picture. This is Glebe Point Road in the evening. I had dinner with some friends at a balcony of an Italian restaurant. That was one of those less busy periods.

I live a good 20 minutes worth of walking away from my campus and probably 30 minutes from my school. This is a far cry from what it used to be last year, when it was more Ann Arbor-like for me. While in Darlington, I could afford to wake up just 20 minutes before classes […]