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With global crude oil prices having more than halved since it peaked at about USD150 per barrel just months ago, this is definitely one of those rare opportunities to make a permanent structural change to our economy by effectively eliminating the fuel subsidy for once and for all. The growth rate of subsidy size at […]

Long ago as a boy so liberated from cares, I was on my way back home from school. Along the way, I saw a kitten looking so forlornly in a bush with a face so miserable as if she was in need of help. Without much thought, I took her home with the intention of […]

With bludgeoning fuel subsidy beginning to affect other more productive spending, something has to give. On June 5, the subsidy was reduced and the move is understandably unpopular to many. With higher cost of living plaguing us all, there grows a tendency to blame the state for our reduced welfare lately. The government meanwhile is […]

MP Jeff Ooi said: Yesterday, all four petrol companies in Singapore – Shell, Exxon-Mobil, Caltex and Singapore Petroleum Company – reduced their pump prices by 4 cents a liter for petrol. Diesel price remained unchanged at S$2.033/litre. […] Currently, Malaysia retails petrol at RM2.70/litre and diesel at RM2.50/litre. […] Incidentally, oil prices have fallen by […]

After all the hype, it was as dull as The Phantom Menace. Metblogs KL has more (please do not take it too seriously).

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