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I am disappointed at the treatment which Tunku Aziz received with respect to his comment about the Bersih’s sit-in. It is quite clear the DAP-led Penang state government ended Tunku’s senatorship to punish him for criticizing the sit-in. While I disagree with Tunku’s position and I do support the sit-in, the path taken by the state […]

Though a libertarian and in many ways individualistic in the sense that I am protective of my individual negative rights, I am highly conscious of the fact I live in a society. Even with these rights intact, there has to be a give and take, some kind of mutual and voluntary compromises. The realization that […]

I have nothing clever to say with respect to the controversy involving the usage of the term Allah by Christians in Malaysia (specifically, Catholic Christians I suppose) and objection raised by considerable number of Muslims there.[1] What I have to say is just some plain old consequences arising from my libertarian position. I think I have somewhat […]

The era of government knows best is over, or so said Prime Minister Najib Razak in the early part of his young administration. As a person who distrusts the government greatly, I consider that there was never a time when the government knows best. Instead, there was only a long period of paternalism where the […]

Pewaris, widely reported as the foremost pro-Internal Security Act  group as the Act comes under heavy opposition on August 1, the date when massive protest is expected to take place in Kuala Lumpur. The ISA is a controversial piece of legislation that allows detention with trial. Expressing support for the Act, even when the Act is abhorrent to the concept of […]

It is hard to describe how I feel about the situation in Iran as protesters clash with the basij — a paramilitary group loyal to the incumbent government — and the Revolutionary Guard.[0][1][2] It is not a matter of ambivalence about the brutality of those security force though I am still quiet unsure whether fraud […]

I am not quite sure what to make out of the elections in Iran. By that, I mean I do not know if there was a fraud or not. There are so many conflicting information on the internet that I must confess, I am confused and unable to decide which side is true as far […]

This started to sound like a sequel to a movie but Wong Chin Huat was still there in lock-up and the pressure had to be maintained. Unfortunately, a smaller group of people joined this one compared to the day before although as the night progressed, more members of the society including politically prominent individuals started […]

Probably, nobody knew if Wong Chin Huat was actually locked up in Brickfields police district headquarters but that did not turn people off. Why Brickfields was a mystery of the day. I joked to a friend that it could have been that somebody threw a dice and decided which poor officers would have to suffer […]

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