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Yes, I was there. Being tear gassed is not a great experience.

Despite what I wrote yesterday, I have to agree that the stadium option is probably the best given the circumstances the electoral reform group Bersih faces.[1] It is a safe compromise for everybody. The ultimate purpose of Bersih is electoral reforms. It is not a purely civil liberty organization. It is not bound to push […]

I give my support to Bersih. As far as the rally goes, that support is based on the idea of freedom of assembly. That however does not mean I fully agree with everything that Bersih does. Specifically, I disagree with its appeal to the King. Bersih now finds itself in a quandary. The King has […]

The establishment that is Barisan Nasional is pretty much clueless of what is going on. Not much has changed since the Abdullah administration I guess. Here is a guide. The more insulting accusations thrown, ┬ámore individuals will get angry and more will go down and protest. This Bersih protest is becoming larger than itself, thanks […]

The era of government knows best is over, or so said Prime Minister Najib Razak in the early part of his young administration. As a person who distrusts the government greatly, I consider that there was never a time when the government knows best. Instead, there was only a long period of paternalism where the […]

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