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A ceramah was supposed to take place at a particular area in Seri Setia, Kelana Jaya. News has it that the police has blocked the area and forced the event to move somewhere else. It is angering how the police has all the resources in the world to suppress liberty but has limited hands to […]

[1368] Of BBC censored?

According to Jeff Ooi and an email I got from my colleague, Hard Talk was supposed to be aired at 22:30 on the BBC. In that program, the Malaysian Foreign Minister was drilled through and through by an interviewer. Sounds fun, eh? So, I waited diligently for it but only to find out it was […]

Malaysia is experiencing something similar to multiple personality disorder. She wears different caps at different times, being described differently by different people. Many of us are convinced who she is but Malaysia herself is confused of who she is. After so many years, the debate on Malaysian identity still rages. This by itself however is […]

An honest criticism is the first step towards identifying and subsequently, rectifying mistakes. In a society sensitive to ethnic issues such as in Malaysia, such honest criticism may be hard to make when it crosses ethnic lines. By crossing, I mean to say the critic and the criticized belong to different communities. Too often, innocent […]

Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism (MCCBCHS) wanted what? On the front page on Tuesday, the daily printed a picture of Jesus Christ holding a cigarette in one hand and a canned drink (which looked like beer) in the other with the quote: “If a person repents his mistakes, heaven awaits him.” […]

What can I say: This morning, a police report was made against Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. The police report was lodged by Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew of the Democratic Action Party at the Damansara Utama Police Station. This police report is about a seditious posting in the website of the Prime Minister of […]

The wind over the Malaysian blogosphere has it that Malaysia Today is being censored in one way or the other. I however am unsure what is going on because I failed to access MT directly and by proxy at one time or the other. I must also admit that when I could access MT, it […]

[1288] Of free Nat

I wish to register my support for a friend. I wonder if this has anything to do with Tian Chua’s French dinner for 3. Nat after all is quite close to him. Like other bloggers, I first met him at BUM 2007. p/s — poster taken from Mob’s Crib. pp/s — more from Elizabeth Wong: […]

According to several sources, the Prime Minister’s feet gave way at a function at Lumut. He however has denied such allegation: LUMUT, May 13 (Bernama ) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi denied rumours spread in the internet that he collapsed while attending a people feast and officating Dataran Hadhari at Teluk Batik, […]

In the NYT: One day last month, a young man stood at the center of a stage with long ropes bound around each wrist. One pulled him to the left, the other to the right — one toward secularism, the other toward religious extremism. His father struggled to hold him in the middle, shouting “Enough! […]

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