As a libertarian, hate speech is always a difficult subject to touch on. It is difficult to determine how far should free speech go until a line has to be drawn. The pure libertarian position is very tolerant of all kinds of speech, and even hate speech. So tolerant that it goes so far away […]

Malaysian private economists mostly find themselves in domestic banks. They typically provide macroeconomic outlook and commentaries on the Malaysian economy for the banks and its clients. These economists are mostly interested in business cycles, which is a code word for short term economic fluctuation. After all, most professionals in the finance industry and especially the […]

Will there be change in Barisan Nasional? With Samy Vellu still manning the steering wheel of MIC,[1] it is not hard to present a case which BN would continue doing business as usual despite requirement for change along with internal almost Darwinian political rhetoric of change. But with Najib Razak expected to assume the post […]

Ownership of the press by political parties is a contentious issue especially among urban and educated section of Malaysian society. Underlying the debate of ownership is a desire for objective press. The concern is understandable: it is quite reasonable to expect the press to exhibit political — sometimes rabid — bias if it is owned […]

The United States received tremendous sympathy after the September 11 attack. Yet, not too long after that, the US squandered all the goodwill it enjoyed at a dramatic rate. Teresa Kok is fast repeating that pattern. These days, it seems the fastest way to gain credibility is to be arrested under the anti-liberty ISA. Once […]

Culture strongly affects our takes on issues. Our biases, at least partly, are influenced by our experience. We all have our own biases and that are not usually bad. In a free society, competition of ideas flourishes and that competition necessarily includes biases. What makes biases unacceptable however is when it involves coercion. All of […]

Astonished. Surprised. Shocked. Unexpected. A thesaurus has a spectrum of words to describe the result of the 2008 Malaysian general election. While the result delighted me, I wonder if the result would be as shocking as it was if we had freer press. In the run-up to March 8, the function of the mainstream media […]

According to several sources, the Prime Minister’s feet gave way at a function at Lumut. He however has denied such allegation: LUMUT, May 13 (Bernama ) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi denied rumours spread in the internet that he collapsed while attending a people feast and officating Dataran Hadhari at Teluk Batik, […]

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