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There was an overwhelming Michigan confidence entering the Ohio State game at home. Coach Brady Hoke did not need even a season to turn a flagging Michigan team, in contrast to the disastrous era of Coach Rich Rodriguez. Under Rich Rod, every Michigan fan told themselves it was a turnaround season and so we should […]

[2426] This is Michigan

Brady Hoke said, “This is Michigan, for God’s sake.”

[2424] We’re Michigan

You know it is football season all over again. With Brady Hoke at the helm, I dare say it is morning again in America.

[2372] Buh-bye Tressel!

College football season typically begins ┬áin September when the fall semester starts in the US. On this blog, the season begins early. And the subject of the first post on college football this season is not about the University of Michigan. Rather, it is about the lesser entity, the Ohio State University! Tressel of Ohio […]

[2268] Of dear Coach Rod…

…time’s up. Please resign and save us all the agony of a protracted conflict. You and Michigan are just not made for each other. Michigan needs to move on while you need to go to Hell.

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