I have been supportive of the government’s attempt at closing the deficit. I do celebrate the significant fiscal progress made over the past five or six years. In retrospect, it was easy to back the cuts because the times were generally good. After a recession in 2009, the Malaysian economy grew quite well almost every […]

Today in the New Straits Times: Ouch! The Malay term itu banjir means “that is a flood”. If the joke is lost on you, see an entry on Eye on Malaysia and another one on what the Prime Minister did during a national disaster for some background. Heck. Just go and read Bakri Musa’s.

With a little over 24 hours before 2006 comes to a close, let us revisit all the green issues mentioned in two other entries — entry [775] and [879]: Smelly tap water in the Klang Valley in February. Not just smelly, it smelled like shit. The smell was caused by ammonia released from several improperly […]

While relief effort is underway amid criticism, the government announced yesterday that flood victims are to get monetary aid: Between food or other typical aid — henceforth, I shall refer to as commodity — and cash, which actually is the best to offer? First, assume that there’s a constant amount of amount of cash and […]

What had happened in New Orleans during the aftermath of Katrina is happening in Johor. Looting has been reported: SEGAMAT: The ugly side of human nature has started to emerge from the floods that have hit several states — there are reports of looting and people are claiming that certain parties, including uniformed personnel, have […]

Despite all the bad decisions Bush had made, at least during the aftermath of Katrina, when New Orleans fell into anarchy, he as the President of the United States committed himself to the rescue effort mobilized throughout the affected areas. While Johor and several other states are suffering major flooding, one has to wonder, where’s […]

According to news, Johor is practically under water after receiving above average rainfall on Monday and Tuesday. Singapore wasn’t spare either. Record breaking could be use to describe the rainfall in Johor and Singapore. Bloomberg reports: Out of 31 monitoring stations in Johor, 24 recorded “very heavy” rainfall of more than 60 millimeters yesterday, according […]