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I am sure you have seen this before but just in case… And the surplus was not because of Anwar Ibrahim. It was something bigger than him. It was the Roaring 90s. Just a short remark: the recession of the late 1990s was the worst Malaysia has ever experienced, but it is interesting that in […]

I am curious at some of the projected fiscal deficit figures which have come out from the internet. A number of them are fanciful. One that I have read has the deficit under Pakatan Rakyat manifesto rising to close to 12% of nominal GDP while BN would be as low as 4%. The 4% figure […]

I have been doing some preparatory work for a report on the 2013 federal government budget. The budget will be tabled at the Parliament this Friday. In the course of doing so, I have come to wonder if the comparison of budget deficit (as typically understood) across governments of the world is really fair. Specifically, […]

I handle my finances conservatively. I spend very little for someone my age and my profile. In fact, I impose a sort of limit on my spending. I am conscious of it and get mildly nervous if my total spending grows too fast even when I can more than afford it. I probably do buy […]

[2561] What inflation?

Kapil Sethi has a really odd piece yesterday in The Malaysian Insider yesterday. It started pretty alright by discussing crime but the strangeness began when he tried touch the realm of economics: At a deeper level though, this desperation points to a changing politico-economic environment that is forcing such radical shifts in behaviour. When there is […]

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