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As sovereign insolvency hogs headlines around the world, so heightens the popularity of deficit-reduction agenda. No more only wonks make the noise. Some men in the streets are echoing the slogan of economic conservatism as well, filling the lonely space sitting not quite centered in the Malaysian political spectrum. One ratio has been brandied around […]

If one throws a dart randomly at those pieces of paper pinned on the wall, there is a good chance the dart will land on a handout provision. Those papers are the 2012 Budget. The Budget, as tabled by the Najib administration, is an election budget. Civil servants, teachers, the police force, the armed forces, pensioners […]

The 2012 budget is an election budget. From civil servants to police officers to students to teachers to the armed forces, the whole public sector workers, even pensioners, will get their own share of handouts next year if this budget is passed, which it will. With all the handouts, it got me thinking. We could […]

The story in Greece is a result of intertwining plots. One major plot concerns economic populism. It is a reminder that populist measures tend to ignore scarcity. It highlights that the policy of spend, spend and spend and then hoping someone else will take care of it, is risky. With a brick wall up ahead, […]

The consistent fiscal deficit the federal government currently experiences is an issue far removed from everyday life. For many, it is an abstraction without concrete consequences. Hence, it is highly unlikely that the issue will be able to capture public attention and directly become a determinant in any election. This gives the federal government too […]

Have you ever wondered how the Malaysian government plans to finance its stimulus package as well as its fiscal deficit? Well… KUALA LUMPUR: The RM2.5bil Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat government bond launched Tuesday is all snapped up. [RM2.3bil Sukuk bonds snapped up in 2 days. The Star. April 17 2009] How about borrowing from PNB? Permodalan […]

Despite being a person who is generally skeptical to the idea of economic stimulus, I did hold high hope for the second stimulus package or the mini-budget as it is called. I thought this would be the time when we would finally do things differently. Like a crystal glass thrown into the air only to […]

I was born yesterday. And I did not study economics. KUALA LUMPUR, March 12 — Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak says that the 7.6 per cent fiscal deficit is not expected to affect Malaysia’s credit rating. Winding up the debate on the RM60 billion second stimulus package, he said that this was because […]

In the days after the tabling of the 2009 Budget in Parliament, the zeitgeist of the week for the economically and politically inclined was the fiscal deficit. Various quarters have leveled various criticisms against the deficit and many of these are on target while others are merely hyperboles. Amid the flying mud balls, the sincerity […]

I like Tony Pua. And I damn love graphs. Graphs are the real reason why I picked up Economics 101 at Michigan during my freshman year. The second reason why I picked up Economics was that I wanted to help the poor (yeah, right). When he posted a graph at his blog, I began to […]

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