People are asking me if the Malaysian government’s new 3.2% deficit ratio target is achievable.  I have read in the news that several politicians are skeptical about the target. I do not remember who said that but I feel the sentiment is shared by many. But the only way to really answer this objectively is to run […]

The Prime Minister announced the government’s plan to slacken its 2015 deficit target from 3.0% of GDP to 3.2%. While it is an easier target, it is still a cut from the expected 3.5% last year. I think we can relax it further but the revision is in line with my sentiment although not fully. There are several measures […]

After reading a number of commentaries in the market, in the Malaysian econosphere and various research houses’ research papers, I became curious of the accuracy if government projection with respect to its finance. I was also curious at how serious I should take the government’s plan to cut its expenditure. So, here is part of […]

The tabling of the federal government budget is still ongoing but the Economic Report for 2013 by the Ministry of Finance is already out. Here is where the projected GDP figures and government finance are available for the first time. I think the biggest point about this year’s budget is government spending. In most years, […]

If one throws a dart randomly at those pieces of paper pinned on the wall, there is a good chance the dart will land on a handout provision. Those papers are the 2012 Budget. The Budget, as tabled by the Najib administration, is an election budget. Civil servants, teachers, the police force, the armed forces, pensioners […]

The government intends to give corporations double deduction for sponsoring students. While it is great to encourage the private sector to give out scholarships to students so that there are fewer reasons for government to do so, I think the double deduction is a bad idea. There two reasons. First, I am with the idea […]

The 2012 budget is an election budget. From civil servants to police officers to students to teachers to the armed forces, the whole public sector workers, even pensioners, will get their own share of handouts next year if this budget is passed, which it will. With all the handouts, it got me thinking. We could […]

As a libertarian that I am, I can only sigh after reading the 2010 federal budget speech delivered by the Finance Minister. I begin from a point deep in the realm of skepticism. I never actually believe any government in Malaysia — now or in the near future, neither Barisan Nasional nor Pakatan Rakyat — […]

I am in no position to give full opinion on the proposed 2010 federal government budget tabled earlier today. That is mostly because I need to read the whole text first. Nevertheless, I feel strongly against the idea of imposing service charge on credit card; as stated by the Finance Minister, the purpose of the […]

The Democratic Action Party released its proposed 2010 federal budget this week.[1] This is definitely a good move as it brings substance to debate. It gives all of us an opportunity to debate on policies rather than engaging on ultimately empty rhetoric that boils blood. This is not the first budget proposed by the DAP. […]

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