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Do we need a rate cut following the September 18 footstep of the Federal Reserve to properly manage the Malaysian economy from the monetary side of the equation? The answer is possibly no. While the US is the largest trading partner for Malaysia, the state of the US economy is not the only factors that […]

As Malaysian electrical and electronics export takes a hit from slower US demand, news from the third largest market for Malaysian export might not be welcomed: TOKYO – Japan’s economy contracted in the April-June quarter, the government said Monday in a revision of its preliminary estimate that it had expended. The latest data suggest that […]

[1358] Mengenai Bajet 2008

Saya amat membenci perkataan bajet dan lebih mengemari akan perkataan belanjawan. Itu bagaimanapun adalah satu perkara yang remeh dan mungkin hanya mengambarkan keadaan terkini dunia bahasa Melayu. Tiada apa yang perlu digusarkan. Bacaan pertama belanjawan negara untuk tahun 2008 akan dibentangkan di Dewan Rakyat Jumaat ini. Saya ingin bertanya, apa pendapat anda akan belanjawan kali […]

I find it amazing how too many people are preoccupied with Namewee’s Negarakuku, especially but those that want punishment to be brought upon him for whatever he did. The thing is, he did nothing but criticized the state of our society. His action affects nothing but a lot of people’s ego, being too sensitive to […]

The mainstream media is celebrating the strengthening of the Malaysian ringgit against the United States dollar. Through the glory days when a dollar cost roughly only 2.5 Malaysian ringgit is something that many long for, I find the jovial mood caused by stronger ringgit is something awkward. I am in the opinion that the media, […]

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