How do you stimulate an economy during a period of intense social distancing or partial lockdown, with many workers not working, a majority of productions offline and most movements restricted? It is the ultimate supply-side disruption. Malaysia has just announced a movement restriction order, which is an eventuality especially given the 3-week the government came […]

There are criticisms that some of elements of the stimulus announced by former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad do not have immediate impacts, and so it should be replaced with more immediate responses. Responses like bigger cash transfer and bigger spending now. And the new Cabinet seems on course to enlarge the stimulus. I am here […]

Who will replace Najib Razak if he goes away? Those skeptical of attempts to legally push him out of office raise the question out of fear nothing will change. They are afraid it would achieve nothing and switch for yet another Prime Minister from Najib’s camp. As a result, the alternative they seem to be […]

The importance of central bank independence has a lot to do with inflationary concerns. By independence, it typically means independence from political pressure. That entails strict separation between the central bank and the government. The central bank is not answerable to the government in general and the government does not represent the central bank. These […]

The Najib administration is committed to long-term reduction of subsidy. The Prime Minister said so. I do support reduction and even elimination of subsidy. There are exceptions, but I do¬†support anti-subsidy policy generally. So, I do take comfort from the Prime Minister’s statement. Yet that does not mean I would support however the reduction is […]

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