I am a supporter of regionalism. Despite whatever jokes I may have about the euro, I do not want to see its disintegration. While I have refined my opinion by stressing on the importance of having similar economies coming into a union instead of having a disparate set of economies with wildly different setups and […]

The Economist supports further debt forgiveness for Greece to get Greece out of the economic disaster it is in now.[1] I support such move. It is essentially a default, but making it consensual between the creditors and the debtors will be important in maintaining some kind of stability in the market. The forgiveness will definitely […]

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono warned of the danger of a common currency in an interview with the Wall Street Journal. It is a reminder that needs not a resounding. The horror of Europe is enough to make one thinks twice of a currency union. The talks of Greek exit can potential become the end […]