I did not follow the ICERD debate closely until recently. I felt like the issue rose to national prominence out of nowhere, and then it died a spectacular death before I properly understood what it was all about. If you had asked me what ICERD was, I would be able to mutter some keywords like […]

I love getting across campus. I get to meet people. And I get to see posters of various kinds. They update me of development in and around campus. And it entertains me. Posters by Socialist Alternative are especially humorous. With so many outrageous accusations flying around, it is no wonder why many simply ignore them. […]

We live in a world full of inequality in terms of rights and opportunities. For those who care, it is only natural for them to address it and one of the tools available to correct the inequality is affirmative action. While the tool can be useful at creating an egalitarian society, it is imperative for […]

Regulation 4 singles out Muslims for addition procedural burdens and impediments. It requires that a Muslim has to state his or her religion. The requirement does not apply to non-Muslims. There is therefore a differential treatment for Muslims… tantamount to unequal treatment under the law… and has infringed Article 8(1) of the Constitution. It is […]