As a liberal, Egypt offers horrible options. I am glad I am just a lay observer from across the continent where I am unlikely need to make such choices any time in the foreseeable future. On one side, there is the democratically elected Islamist organization Muslim Brotherhood with Mohamed Morsi as the former President. While […]

Words for Malaysian religious conservatives, maybe especially for Hasan Ali and his sympathizers. In November, Hazem Salah Abu Ismail, an independent Salafist cleric and presidential candidate, was asked by an interviewer how, as president, he would react to a woman wearing a bikini on the beach? ”She would be arrested,” he said. The Al Nour […]

While having a quiet dinner in Montmartre in Paris, I overheard the waiter talking in French to a group sitting at a table. The waiter answered, I assumed to an English equivalent of the question where are you from, “Tunisie. Révolution!” He further said, this time in English, “Now, I can go home”. The whole […]

[1514] Of bread subsidy in Egypt

Something that Malaysian politicians as well as advocates of subsidy need to learn. Quoted below are the effects of subsidy at another place on another commodity: It is hard to make ends meet in Egypt, where about 45 percent of the population survives on just $2 a day. That is one reason trying to buy […]

[1109] Of free Kareem!