The recent real GDP growth were considered strong given how expectations were low to start with. In fact, expectations have consistently been on the bearish side over the past quarters as actual growth, or rather the official government estimates, have beaten market expectations over and over again. In fact, real GDP growth for the first […]

The traditional understanding of economic growth has its fair share of criticism.  It has been criticized as being overly materialistic and overly focused on production with disregard for its side effects. Those with esoteric worldviews would accuse such progress as spiritually empty and unfulfilling. While it is true that such understanding of growth does not […]

[2471] Decoupling, finally?

The 2008-2009 financial crisis laid to rest the idea that Asia is isolated from the troubles in the US and Europe. The idea was that the fundamentals in Asia were strong enough to support growth. Proponents of decoupling were silenced and embarrassed but the celebration on the other side did not last long. There was […]

There is an expectation that the second half of the year will boost the annual GDP growth for Malaysia to make up for the relatively weak first half. That was a reasonable expectation to have in the first half of the year but with only less than four weeks to go before the final quarter […]

There is a famous graph depicting how real growth of the economy of the United States of America has been remarkably constant over time. It is remarkable in a sense that history deviates little from such constant growth rate. I was reminded of this after reading a post by Karl Smith at Modeled Behavior. I […]

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