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Trivia: How does Southeast Asia treat its first and only winner of the Nobel Prize? Answer: The home country throws her into prison (okay, it was commuted to home arrest…) and others in the region do nothing. BANGKOK — Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, the Burmese pro-democracy leader, was sentenced Tuesday to three years of hard […]

If you had switched on the television, listened to the radio or read the newspapers for the past number of weeks, you may have noticed how so many individuals and entities are claiming to represent the people. The people wish for this and the people wish for that but oddly enough, your wish never coincides […]

ALERT & UPDATE: Death has been reported in Iran. See Tehran Bureau. There are reports of fraud committed during the Iranian presidential election. Why are there people believing that fraud has been commited? In recent days, Mr. Moussavi’s supporters were predicting a wide victory, citing voter surveys. And Mr. Ahmadinejad, the hard-line incumbent, had appeared […]

For those who fear confrontation with respect to Perak may lead us to the path of Thailand: Democracies exist only because enough people were unwilling to be sheep, and brave enough to fight violent wars to achieve a share in power. [Page 227. Good and Bad Power: The Ideals and Betrayals of Government. Geoff Mulgan.] […]

What a waste of time. That was how some Barisan Nasional members of Parliament felt about being forced to vote in the Parliament recently.[1][2] This clearly demonstrates their disrespect for democratic process and how they view their jobs. The sentiment originates from the fact that BN control more than half of the seats in the […]

[1463] Of Malaysia is a democracy

Recent events had provoked outrage amid those that sympathized with the idea of individual liberty. With a stake of woods burning, BN-led government threw fuel into the fire, allowing it to burn more brightly than before. One of the more angering statements, to me personally, was made by a minister that had the cheek to […]

This was from yesterday’s evening vigil for Burma, at the base of the Petronas Twin Towers, which was joined by hundreds. More at Metblogs KL.

What is happening in Myanmar is nothing short of tragedy. Amid outrage, calls for actions against the junta of Myanmar could be loudly heard. Yet, what action is the most moral of all? The basis for action is simple: conscience calls it. Forceful suppression that leads to death invokes strong emotions. These emotions as well […]

I was in Bangkok a several months before the Thai military launched a coup d’tat against former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. During my time there, I witnessed processions at various parts of the city where individuals wore yellow colored attire, signaling support for the monarch and more loudly, expressing strong discontent against the former Prime […]

Democracy in its purest form is a mere majoritarianism and a society built on mere majoritarianism is a society built on pure populism. There is nothing in populism and by extension democracy that guarantees liberty. Yet, democracy has proven to be an effective decision making tool, allowing differences to be ironed out peacefully instead of […]

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