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I do not believe in specific individuals or organizations. I believe in institutions to make everybody honest, so-to-speak. I truly believe for governance in Malaysia to improve, political competition must flourish at the federal level. The first step is to have Barisan Nasional served some time in the opposition. While the blood reference is excessive, the spirit […]

There is a common denominator to any kind of respectable democratic system. The side with the most votes generally wins. There lies the importance of inclusive politics in a diverse society typical in Malaysia. It is not enough to appeal to only one specific community in a competitive democracy as a whole. There is always […]

The last day of campaigning finished with a bang for the DAP of Pakatan Rakyat in Kuching. It was Superfriday. Internal estimates of the attendance hover over 20,000 persons. The more upbeat hazarded 30,000. Whatever the actual figure was, it was a massive rally, bigger than anything Kuching — either by Barisan Nasional or Pakatan […]

As the polling day looms, life becomes absolutely hectic. This is Tony Pua prepping the crowd on Thursday’s night in Kuching, for the mother of all rallies on Friday. Party workers are calling it the Superfriday. Meanwhile, somewhere else, behind the scene… Ubah!

In one of DAP’s rallies in Kuching, a fiery orator accused SUPP as a party of orangutans. It was a good laugh. Although the accusation is not within the realm of straight mature politics, it is hardly a major point of the orator’s speech. The orangutan statement was made in passing. The major issues were […]

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