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The biggest event this week in Malaysia has to be the first Pakatan Rakyat Convention. It is good that Pakatan Rakyat is taking steps to institutionalize its cooperation. Despite that, there are a few issues that may appear to be a betrayal to democratic values that it claims to uphold. One is its commitment to […]

The Democratic Action Party released its proposed 2010 federal budget this week.[1] This is definitely a good move as it brings substance to debate. It gives all of us an opportunity to debate on policies rather than engaging on ultimately empty rhetoric that boils blood. This is not the first budget proposed by the DAP. […]

The proposal to form a so-called unity government between PAS and UMNO finally finds its rightful place — in a dustbin. Nothing guarantees any PAS member from rummaging through the trash to rejuvenate the idea however. If the dream still lingers, I am here to offer a dire possibility. If PAS-UMNO unity comes true, PAS […]

The mantra of ecotourism is take only photographs and leave only footprints. Due to far too frequent violations of that principle, I maintain the position that the term ecotourism in Malaysia has been perversely interpreted. While in other countries ecotourism means divulging oneself in nature without damaging it, on the contrary in Malaysia it means […]

Today: GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has ”roared” at critics of his proposed tiger park project, saying they should come up with constructive criticisms. [Criticisms against tiger park not constructive, says Penang CM. The Star. March 26 2009] I think, when he says constructive criticism, he means supportive criticism. Sorry brother, you will […]

It is so refreshing to discover that Wan Hamidi Hamid embraces the idea of economic liberalism so passionately. For a person working so deeply in the DAP, I had expected him to stand on the other side of the divide. My expectation missed its target slightly less by a mile. I learned of his philosophical […]

Since election is over, I think it is safe to say this: DAP’s mascot is a dildo!

If there are solid unwavering rocks above ever-changing Malaysian waters, the centrality of race and religion to local politics has to be one of them. Most of Malaysian political parties are positioned to capitalize this reality though there are those whom wish to break away from the past. While movement away from communal politics requires […]

For the past couple of months, rumor has been running around that Jeff Ooi might join DAP. An article in The Star today provides the clearest indication of such move: PETALING JAYA: Prominent blogger Jeff Ooi is set to join the DAP and contest in the general election. The DAP is planning a “welcoming ceremony” […]

Dedicated to Raja Petra Kamarudin, and liberty at large. p/s — pardon the low frequency of post. Work now demands extra labor. But do not forget, DAP is organizing a forum on Negara Islam on Thursday, July 26 2007 at the Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur at 1930 hours. Later on July 30 2007, […]

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