Privacy very is important to me. It is important not just in the practical sense but also as a matter of principle with the context that I am a libertarian. Even in the internet age when doxing and hacking are almost normal and easily done, surveillance and privacy breaches are still a concern. Now, the 1Malaysia […]

It does not inspire confidence when the same entity that is driving a program is the one that measures the success of the program as well. There is a conflict of interest there. Imagine a soccer team up against another team and imagine the referee is a team member of the former team. It is […]

In our modern Malaysia, one can hope that government policy comes about through the general will of the people peacefully through democratic means. One can further hope that this mean not merely crass majoritarianism but that which is respectful of individual rights. After all, the government and the state derive its legitimacy from the people, […]

Milton Friedman once visited Hong Kong in 1963. He met John Cowperthwaite, the financial secretary of Hong Kong, whom was credited for enabling Hong Kong to become Asia’s foremost financial center through his free market policy. Friedman asked him “about the paucity of statistics” in Hong Kong. Cowperthwaite replied, “If I let them compute those statistics, […]

It is the practice of some labor unions to produce one or several publications annually to inform their members of various activities and developments related to the unions. As with many things in this world, it costs money to produce these publications. These unions finance the publications through a number of ways. Membership fee is […]