[2711] Thank you, now move on

Some good dozens of issues are holding Malaysia back. Several big ones are legacies originating from days long gone. While we can never truly escape history, I feel it is dragging us down too much. So heavy is the baggage that sometimes, I feel the best way to move forward is to forget. I write this […]

Cambodia has a dark modern history and I always knew that. That knowledge did not bother me much previously because I did not really relate to it. Cambodia despite being so close to Malaysia appeared farther away from me than, for example, the United States where I spent my undergraduate years. Cambodia was some land […]

[2577] The cost of communism in Cambodia

Between 1975 and 1979, Cambodia came under the communist Khmer Rouge regime. The communist rule exerted considerable cost on the Cambodian society. Just how significant? Never forget. Data was obtained from the World Bank.

I have always known about the atrocity of the Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia but before I traveled to Cambodia, that knowledge was superficial. I only began to learn more about the conflict when I found myself in Cambodia for two weeks recently. Being there almost made the knowledge into an emotional […]

On my way to Sydney Airport, I found myself sitting right beside a cab driver — who was probably close to 50 years of age — eager to convince me that he was an honest driver. “Pick any way you want, I go”, he said in outrageously fast but broken English. “I have map. You […]

[2127] Of Chin Peng, sympathy, injustice and sanctity of contract

The day I had a lunch appointment with a friend at the central business district in Sydney was one of those pleasant summer days. With blue sky and time aplenty, I walked the distance, which was about a mile or two from my home. As I approached the restaurant, my cell phone beeped. It was […]

[2109] Of 20 years after the day the Wall fell

Here is to liberty. Forgive, but never forget the tyranny of communism and socialism.

[2002] Of move on

Members of the older generations generally adopt a paternalistic attitude towards the younger generations when discussing the history of this country. It is true that not all of them assume that attitude but come Aug 31 and without fail, there is no escape from hearing the same old lament, especially in the media. Not to […]

Terlampau ramai telah menulis tentang cadangan membenarkan bekas pemimpin Parti Komunis Malaya pulang ke kampung halamannya. Utusan Malaysia merupakan antara satu akhbar yang kuat menentang cadangan itu dan tentangannya kebanyakan berunsurkan emosi dan bukan berunsurkan ideologi. Ini jelas apabila banyak esei dan artikel memanggil semula pembunuhan yang lalu tanpa menyentuh tentang hak peribadi terhadap harta […]

The issue of wealth redistribution and inequality in wealth can be overly stressed by many in Malaysia. Up goes the Gini coefficient for Malaysia and there goes the alarmists. These alarmists, wealth egalitarians do not quite understand that it is poverty that matters, not wealth inequality. Individuals are different and different persons follow different paths […]

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