Europe was uncontested center of the world during the periods leading up to the 20th century. It was the fountainhead of human civilization.┬áTheir progress allowed them to become the foremost colonial powers of the world.┬áThe British Empire itself was so vast that as the saying goes, the sun never sets on it. European achievements created […]

It is always a pleasure to listen to what Farish Noor has to say. He is a kind of a hip academician that challenges and entertains the mind. He makes history subversive and so making it much more interesting that the dull official version sanctioned by the establishment. I like subversion, even if I myself […]

Published in Berita Harian last week was a long letter urging film director Jins Shamsuddin to get cracking on the filming of an explosive event in Malaysian history, the assassination of James Birch, the first British Resident of Perak at Pasir Salak on Nov 2 1875, the second day of Hari Raya. Three years have […]