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Visiting the shopping malls of Kuala Lumpur can be a confusing experience. It is always full of happy people with friends and lovers. And probably businesspeople with their clients too. As I patiently await my opportunity to take a break from this crazy country, I find myself with an employment that is physically located close […]

Some concrete evidence that the economy may have recovered faster than expected: The Coincident Index (CI) rose by 0.5% in February 2009. The increase of the index was mainly contributed by real sales in manufacturing sector (0.5%), real salaries & wages in manufacturing sector (0.2%) and real contributions in EPF (0.2%). The six-month smoothed growth […]

Libertarians typically have no reason to protest the typical annual meeting of Group 20 (G20). G20 is of course the grouping of the richest and most influential countries in the world. This year’s meet up in London however is not a typical gathering. It is extraordinary because of the global economic turbulence we are witnessing […]

A number of individuals are surprised at the slow rate of distribution of the RM7 billion government spending announced in November 2008. Not even a billion of it has been spent. The Second Finance Minister Nor Mohamed Yakcop divulged that information in the Dewan Rakyat earlier this week while answering a question from MP Jeff […]

One of the few industries that are truly reflective of the real economy is the retail industry. The reason is that retailing is the industry which will enjoy or suffer the initial wave of any change in the health of consumers’ real wealth. Today, the Department of Statistics finally made public the performance of the […]

Failure is simply part of life. A world without failure is a fanciful dream incapable of withstanding reality. No matter how much failure hurts, it teaches us valuable lessons for future endeavors. Do it enough while learning from it, and a pot of gold awaits the daring at the end of the rainbow. Success and […]

Prediction is hard, especially about the future. [Slippery slope. Free Exchange. October 28 2008] Shall we predict the past? But here is something less tautologous by Myron Scholes (via): Economic theory suggests that financial innovation must lead to failures. And, in particular, since successful innovations are hard to predict, the infrastructure necessary to support innovation […]

It is true that the world is more integrated than ever. Major developments on the other side of the world may affect the local environment. Being one of the top trading nations in the world with an export-driven economy, it is undeniable that a reduced consumption in the economies of our major trading partners — […]

[1809] Of Anna Schwartz talks

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has called the 888-page “Monetary History” “the leading and most persuasive explanation of the worst economic disaster in American history.” Ms. Schwartz thinks that our central bankers and our Treasury Department are getting it wrong again. To understand why, one first has to understand the nature of the current “credit […]

The Malaysia Deposit Insurance Corporation sure does take its job seriously. Amid news of bank runs, financial meltdowns, recession abroad and the spectre of — heaven forbid — depression in the United States, the corporation or PIDM is going all out to inform the public that their savings are insured up to a certain level. […]

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