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And so I went. I went because I remembered a line from CNN long ago. The news network ran an advertisement showing videos of important development from around the world. It ended with a line, “where were you?” I do not want to answer, in the future, “I was in my bed.” I will not […]

I am currently at home, contemplating whether I should be going to the biggest event of the year so far or stay at home in my bed, reading books or simply enjoy the Saturday. The biggest event of the year yet is the Bersih’s sit-in in Kuala Lumpur. I participated in both the previous incarnations […]

It is always a pleasure to listen to what Farish Noor has to say. He is a kind of a hip academician that challenges and entertains the mind. He makes history subversive and so making it much more interesting that the dull official version sanctioned by the establishment. I like subversion, even if I myself […]

Somewhere in Streatham, south of London earlier this year, I found myself slouching lazily on a couch watching the BBC with a friend and his still lazier cat. On television was the Egyptian revolution ”live”, with protesters and government supporters throwing rocks at each other. Such was the lamentable state of Egypt that used to […]

I enjoyed photographing the police in their balaclava and boots during the first Bersih protest. It was no different last Saturday. This particular member of the Federal Reserve Unit had his uniform out of color and he did not seem to be paying attention to the moment. His face shield was up as well. While […]

A long time ago, probably three to four years ago, there was a candlelight vigil in front of a police station. A small crowd was waiting for the police to release several individuals after being arrested for protesting something. I think it was against the Internal Security Act. The police was unhappy. So they warned […]

Yes, I was there. Being tear gassed is not a great experience.

Despite what I wrote yesterday, I have to agree that the stadium option is probably the best given the circumstances the electoral reform group Bersih faces.[1] It is a safe compromise for everybody. The ultimate purpose of Bersih is electoral reforms. It is not a purely civil liberty organization. It is not bound to push […]

I give my support to Bersih. As far as the rally goes, that support is based on the idea of freedom of assembly. That however does not mean I fully agree with everything that Bersih does. Specifically, I disagree with its appeal to the King. Bersih now finds itself in a quandary. The King has […]

The establishment that is Barisan Nasional is pretty much clueless of what is going on. Not much has changed since the Abdullah administration I guess. Here is a guide. The more insulting accusations thrown,  more individuals will get angry and more will go down and protest. This Bersih protest is becoming larger than itself, thanks […]

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