I was lucky enough to get invited to a townhall meeting where Obama talked about the US involvement in Asia. The President gave a speech and I thought he touched on many issues which are close to Malaysia, from equality, rule of law, how democracy is not just about elections, to security in Asia. The audience […]

Before the presidential debate began, I had expected Romney to be creamed. The Obama team was steamrolling for weeks or months now and it appeared that Romney was doing a terrible job at campaigning for the election. Yes, Obama is only maintaining a slim margin, but that margin has not been changing much. Already various commentators […]

President Obama has just announced that Osama Bin Laden is dead.  I am sure there will be a lot of discussions on the matter, of how it will affect relationship with the Muslim world, of how this will affect military operation in Pakistan and many others. One question I want to explore is its potential […]

Hahaha via Greg Mankiw. This takes the cake. Agitated woman: Why, why do you have the sign? Man: Arr… do you disagree with it? Agitated woman: …that he’s Keynesian, that he’s like not American. Is that what you’re saying? Man: Well, we’re… we’re asking a question.

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