Until AirAsia and the liberalization of the airline sector in the past decade or so, Malaysia Airlines was the only real option for most of us when it came to flying. It is easy to argue that for us Malaysians, flying meant Malaysia Airlines. My first flight was with them. The feeling of sitting by […]

As part of the bailout agreement between Greece and the Troika, the Greek government has agreed to reduce its debt. This is the context behind the latest Greek buyback program, where the Greek government is looking to reduce EUR20 billion worth of debt. While I typically like debt reduction exercise by the public sector, I […]

[2557] Did the LTRO fail?

So after the rumor of bailout, the official denial and later the external pressure, Spain has finally requested for a bail out from Europe. The bailout is expected to be utilized, in turn, to bail out Spanish banks. The money will come from either the EFSF or the ESM, whichever is politically expedient. Even before […]

[2518] Pain wain

Austerity is a pain, with you drawing the wain, but that’s the only way, after your jolly days.

If I were a European taxpayer seeing my money being used to bailout a near-bankrupt socialist government due to outrageous spending while I live responsibly, I would be angry. Why should I be the guarantor of a profligate? But if I wanted the Eurozone to stay intact, I would bite the bullet and angrily pay […]

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