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Climate change has been very much the heart of Australian politics at the federal level for the past few months. It is the source of intense debate between the Labour government and the Coalition opposition. Within the Liberal Party itself, the proposed cap and trade arrangement has divided the party. Tony Abbott successfully replaced Malcolm […]

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In Australia, specifically in New South Wales where I am at the moment, the state government has been running an awareness campaign with respect to the spread of H1N1. This is one of the posters: Yup. Wash your hands, friends. The stress on soap is consistent with Ms. Hwa’s opinion published who guest-blogged here earlier. […]

Before I begin, I must admit that there is much reading for me to do to understand the current debate on carbon emissions trading in Australia. I have not been following Australian affairs as closely as I should; I am still stuck with the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and to a lesser […]

Today in The Sydney Morning Herald: THE dollar soared and financial markets began pricing in interest rate rises after the Reserve Bank governor declared that he will soon have to push up rates and that he might do so without waiting for unemployment to stop climbing. The bank is thought to have never before lifted […]

While I am excited to see the constellations above my head change yet again, I had some consternation about living in Australia for an extended period. Weeks prior to actually first setting my feet Down Under and even days after my arrival, allegations of Australian racism and xenophobia constantly kept my enthusiasm in check. I […]

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The new Rudd administration vows to ratify the Kyoto Protocol. As far as environmental policy is concerned, I am quietly celebrating the fall of the Howard administration in favor of the incoming one. Nevertheless, I doubt Australian ratification of the Protocol will directly affect global greenhouse gases emissions. That however does not mean having Australia […]

Years ago, Israel expressed its desire to join the European Union. I was skeptical of it back then because of one reason: geography. Now, I am expressing similar skepticism on Australian intention to join ASEAN. According to Bloomberg: Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Trade Minister Warren Truss will attend the second East Asia meeting […]

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