[2227] Of cool or warm?

I had an outing to Mrs. Macquaries Point with a friend earlier today. Mrs. Macquaries Point means photography. Here is one of my favorite shots from the outing. I typically like pictures that exude coolness to those which are warm. Bluish pictures provide the crispness that I like. It feels strong. It makes a statement. […]

[2225] Of a wallaby

A wallaby is cuter than a kangaroo. Take it from me.

I have checked my visitor counter just now and boy, my daily average unique hit since June has dropped to below 100. The last time that happened was 2 years ago. I could not help with the level of inactivity observed at this blog and at my column at The Malaysian Insider. There were so many […]

I have finally forced myself to get out and walk around the city. It is a good distraction from some personal matters. That bridge is called the Anzac Bridge. It is located slightly to the west of the famous Harbour Bridge. The central business district of Sydney is in the background. That body of water […]

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